about us

The discussion on "open accessibility" has reached a crescendo over the last decade due to the increased acceptance of the policy among clinicians and researchers. Moreover, the fact that the traditional scholarly publishing favors the publishers in gaining excessive profits , though most of the authoring and editing works are done freely by the community, has contributed to the wider recognition of open access policy. These factors have compelled us to launch " ChanRe Journals " an open access- based journal platform exclusively for clinicians and researchers to stay update in their respective field. In contrast to other journals, which provide limited access, our publication is available freely throughout the world. The publication is not imposing any restrictions on distributing, printing, or copying the article for non-commercial purposes.

The unique features of the open access journals are:
  • Stringent peer review
  • Good editorial support throughout the publishing process
  • Unrestricted free access to both abstract and full text PDFs
  • Rapid peer reviewing and publishing of the manuscript
  • No processing and publication charges
  • Immediate availability of the content and use of research

In addition, ChanRe Journals functions as an ideal partner for publishing all kind of research (both print and internet-based) in a comprehensive and timely manner. We provide high-quality print and digital publishing solutions and assist you to create accurate and skillfully produced content that's ready to print. We undertake publishing of all kind of print and online materials including souvenirs, books, journals, magazines, white papers, pamphlets, posters etc. Additionally, our team of skilled graphic artists can handle all kind of artwork creations in any subject area.