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Milwaukee shoulder syndrome

Somashekar SA


Author Affiliations

Consultant Rheumatologist, ChanRe Rheumatology and Immunology Center and Research, HOSMAT, Bangalore, India


* Correspondence: Dr. Somashekar SA


IJRCI. 2014;2(1):V1

Received: 1 January 2014, Accepted: 13 February 2014, Published: 18 February 2014



Milwaukee shoulder syndrome or rapid destructive arthritis of the shoulder is a very rare rheumatological condition characterized by the deposition of hydroxyapatite crystals. The figure 1 shows the shoulder image of a 67-year-old female with a history of bilateral shoulder pain and swelling since 2 years and knee pain since 6 months. Physical examination revealed restriction in shoulder movements. No neurological deficit was reported. X-ray of the right shoulder indicated rotator cuff disruption with marked OA (Fig 2).


Figure 1: Right shoulder affected with Milwaukee shoulder syndrome



Figure 2: X-rays of right and left shoulders affected with Milwaukee shoulder syndrome

X ray 3_ miwaukee.jpg



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