General Guidelines for Journals: Navigate with Precision

Explore Our Journal Guidelines for Seamless Article Submission. Welcome to our Guidelines page, your gateway to understanding the specific requirements for submitting articles to our 04 esteemed journals. We understand the importance of clarity and transparency in the submission process, which is why we have meticulously curated comprehensive guidelines tailored to each of our journals. These guidelines serve as a roadmap, ensuring that your submission meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Before submitting your valuable research articles, please ensure you review the specific submission requirements and journal policies outlined on the respective journal websites. Here are the guidelines for each of our esteemed journals:

Guidelines for Authors

Please ensure that the manuscript complies with the specific submission requirements and journal policies outlined for the respective journal (given below). Ensure that all identifying information is removed from the manuscript to facilitate a double-blind review process. Submissions should represent original research or significant contributions to the field and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are also required to provide a clear and concise abstract, keywords, and appropriate citations. We appreciate the authors' adherence to ethical standards and expect them to disclose any conflicts of interest or funding sources related to their research.

Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviewers are essential to the peer-review process of our open-access journal. We invite reviewers who possess expertise in the relevant field and are committed to providing constructive feedback to authors. Reviewers should approach the review process with integrity, objectivity, and respect for confidentiality. All reviews should be conducted promptly, and reviewers are expected to evaluate submissions based on originality, significance, methodology, and clarity. Comments should be clear, specific, and aimed at assisting authors in improving their manuscripts. Reviewers should declare any potential conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality throughout the review process. Constructive criticism is encouraged, along with suggestions for revisions or clarifications that would enhance the quality of the manuscript.

Guidelines for Editors

Editors play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and quality of publications in our open-access journal. Editors are responsible for overseeing the peer-review process, selecting appropriate reviewers, and making editorial decisions based on the reviews and their assessment of the manuscript's suitability for publication. Editors should uphold ethical standards, maintain impartiality, and ensure the integrity of the review process. They should communicate clearly and promptly with authors, reviewers, and editorial board members, providing guidance and feedback as needed. Editors should also monitor adherence to journal policies and guidelines, including those related to conflicts of interest, authorship, and plagiarism. Continuous improvement of the journal's processes and standards is encouraged, with editors striving to uphold the journal's reputation for excellence and integrity in scholarly publishing.

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We encourage all authors to carefully read the guidelines specific to each journal to streamline the submission process and ensure compliance with our publication standards. Thank you for considering our journals for the dissemination of your research findings. We look forward to receiving your submissions!